Project Info

Project info

Project Executive Summary

Project Technical Readiness

Readiness % 85%

All visions are defined and documented

Readiness % 75%

Strategies have ben defined based on status qua assessments vs. vision and must win battles. 

Readiness % 65%

Productization has started in all areas. Work continues in 2022.

Readiness % 50%

Communication strategies have been started in some of the areas. Work will continue in 2022. 

Readiness % 50%

Marketing has been ongoing in some of the areas for a longer period of time and some are just starting their journey, as well as in the SuperEcosystem it self with eg. the planning and execution of a yearly SuperEcosystem conference Week in November. Marketing work will continue in 2022. 

Over all
Readiness % 65%

The total average of Technical progress is ~65%.  As we have had a steep rampup curve in the beginning of the project, we see a flatter progress going forward in terms of activities starting in 2022, due to planning and execution of the SuperEcosystem Conference week starting 8th of November 2021.

Project Roadmap

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